Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays from the Weight Loss Surgery team at Washington University in St. Louis. Thank you for choosing us to help with your weight loss goals. We hope your journey is going well and want to remind you our team is here for unwavering support. Below are healthy recipes, support groups, and resources for whichever stage of your weight loss journey. If we haven’t seen you in a while, we welcome you to call our team at 314-545-7224.


The Washington University Weight Loss Surgery Program offers support groups for postoperative patients throughout their weight loss journey. Follow-up visits with nutritionists help weight loss surgery patients be successful with healthy meal planning. Informational nutritional brochures are provided on our website. Learn more about the various ways our program offers support through your weight loss journey to ensure your long-term success.

Talk with our Team

We’d love to hear from you. We’d love to hear from you. To speak with our team, you can reach us through your MyChart patient portal or by phone at 314-454-7224.

Healthy Recipes

For more recipes like our chocolate peanut butter balls, follow us on Pinterest. Stay in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter, too! 

Sign up for a Seminar

If you have friends or family interested in learning more about our program, we encourage them to meet our bariatric surgeons with our online seminar or a live Zoom seminar. As experts in the field, Chris Eagon, MD, Shaina Eckhouse, MD and Francesca Dimou, MD, MS share different weight loss procedures and can help guide which option may be best for you.